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General JYP F.A.Q.

Please check here before sending us an e-mail.
If we didn't answer your question here, please contact us!
We'll be happy to answer any questions you have.
  • How do I join JYP?
    Twice a year, The JaM Youth Project accepts new members for our Junior and Senior Companies. We host auditions and accept video applications as well. If you are currently a JYP company member, or have been in the past, you do not need to re-audition. If you are Drop-In student who has not been a company member before, we do require that you audition. Please visit our Audition page to learn more. Not ready or not able to commit a full semester? Learn about our Community Classes with Mark Orsborn here.
  • Are you a dance studio? Do you attend competitions?
    No, we are not a dance studio. No, we do not attend competitions. For those committed to their dance studio and/or competitions, JYP training is an excellent supplement and provides opportunties to grow as a technician and artist in a non-competitive environment with dancers from all over the U.S. We've dubbed ourselves a "JaMily":) For more infomation about what do we offer, please see our JYP Info page.
  • What is the time and financial commitment per semester?
    Drop In: Pay as you go. Classes are $75 for approx. 3 hours. Company Members commit to JYP for 5 months at a time (Sept to Jan, Feb to June) Junior Training Company: $100 Senior Training Company: $150-300 Senior Performance Company: $150-300 These rates do not include additional private lessons, choroegraphy, merchandise, etc. For more information about what is included with each program, please see our JYP Info Page
  • How do the Junior and Senior levels compare and contrast?
    The Junior level is for dancers 11 and younger. The Senior level is for dancers 12 and up. Dancers can be moved between levels at any point at the discretion of JYP Directors and guest faculty. For more infomation about what each level includes, please see our JYP Info Page
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