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The JaM Youth Project Pre-Professional Tap Dance Company

The JaM Youth Project (JYP) is a  pre-professional dance company based in Washington, DC providing young dancers from all over America with top quality training, performance, and multimedia opportunities.

We believe in "JaMily" and the importance of a supportive environment that honors each student holistically and fosters a healthy culture for socioemotional development in addition to top tier dance training.

JaM Camp 

Each year, we host a one week JaM Camp with professional faculty and a variety of classes to serve your dancer holistically.

We are hosting 2 weeks for two levels:

Intermediate (July 29 - August 2)
Advanced (August 5 - August 9)


Schedule includes tap technique and specialty classes which have included but are not limited to: bucket percussion, Broadway tap, Dancinema, Lindy hop, acting, and more.

Monthly Drop In Classes

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